Comment: WWI and The Balfour Declaration...

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WWI and The Balfour Declaration...

By December 1916, the German, Austria-Hungarian, and Ottoman Turk Alliance have a clear advantage. France has suffered horrible losses. Russia is facing internal Red revolutionary chaos. Britain is under a U-Boat blockade, and not one square inch of German territory is occupied. Germany is now offering generous peace terms. Basically, Kaiser Wilhelm II is willing to just call off the fighting and return to how things were before the war.

This is when the Zionists make their big move to fulfill Herzl's plan to steal Palestine. Chaim Weizman and Nathan Sokolow approach the British with a dirty deal. The Zionists offer to use their international influence to bring America into the war on Britain's side while undermining Germany from within at the same time.

The price that Britain must pay for US entry is to take control of Palestine from the Ottoman Empire and allow the Jews to establish a homeland there.

Though the official declaration of British support for a Jewish homeland will not be made public until November, 1917 (Balfour Declaration), the agreement was in fact reached in December of 1916. Soon after that, Zionist agitated anti-German propaganda was unleashed in the US, while the Zionists and Marxists of Germany begin to undermine Germany's war effort from within.