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Comment: Well, yes, the lie... but also beyond

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Well, yes, the lie... but also beyond

Well, whether they lie (very likely) or not doesn't matter that much:

the bottom line is they arrogantly display their intent to not go away any time soon.

But as Ron Paul wrote in his book, it would take no time and the mere stroke of a pen for Congress to discard these criminals once and for all.

The very problem is not only the absence of political will to do so, it is also that the same mostly useless, corrupt, and vastly harmful bunch of rent and bribe seekers called Congress doesn't even have the slightest clue of what "sound money" means.

Except for a tiny handful of them.

And THAT is the tough issue that'd need to be dealt with first, if we still find anything valid (read: legitimate) in this country's institutions - or remnants thereof - laid out by the Constitution.


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