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Comment: I've lived on a lake before

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I've lived on a lake before

but I won't anymore. Jolting earth changes could move a mountain of water on top of you in a few seconds. If there are mountains next to the lake it could be a landslide that sends a 100-ft. wave barreling down on you. If there's a massive fusillade of meteor strikes there could be crustal displacement. Combined centrifugal force and gravity will keep the water right where it is but the shore will move and wind up with a lake on top of it.

Much also depends on whether or not you expect people to form pillaging gangs following the collapse. Open water would be great for shore hunting and fishing but would also be a pathway for pirates. I expect piracy to explode following a ruinous collapse. I'd like to be out of sight, out of mind.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.