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Obituray Anomalies

Can someone help me??? 1st, do this: Pick 4 or 5 people from your own life that has passed over the last few years (I started with my grandfather that died in 1978 and a friend that died last year), now GOOGLE their obituary. Everyone of mine had the actual newspaper obituary as the 1st result, you know the one that states birth, death, survived by, etc.
I started looking for the obituaries of the Sandy Hook victims because of all the "coincidences" surrounding this case, just looking for the names of survivors - and was going to research those names and see if I could find any other connections-outside of each of these families having lost a child or family member that day.
I first used the SS Death Index to see if they were all listed there. (They are) Then started trying to pull up newspaper obituaries. That's when it got weird. When I googled their names withe word obituary, I could never find an actual "normal" newspaper obituary. The returns were almost always from a sight called & all thhe entries are like little stories about how the child was "a joy, always smiling, light of the world, loved animals" etc and interviews with neighbors who remembers each child being this or that--always some glowing words...but could not find the standard newspaper obit. When they are listed in the Newton Bee, it is basically a little short article that has name, birth date, and that the family has requested privacy. That's it. Even the few that I found that did have the parents/siblings/next of kin information, were not in the normal obit format. They were found by looking at about 10 of those googled results before finding actual NAMES, instead of "'blanks' parents said so-in-so about their child"-no names mentioned.
I like most everybody else--even though it was on the TV around the clock forever--I still do not "know" what happened at that school that day. However, I do have enough sense to know that with all these anomalies I doubt we've gotten the whole story!
Some other things that I have questioned...especially because I am a parent would be "Would I have allowed the 'authorities' (who has more authority over the burial of my child than me??) to tell me I couldn't see my child & I had to have a closed-casket funeral??" I understand that if every single person that died that day had been shot close-range in the face or head, the need for a closed-casket at the funeral...but 27 people being gunned down--some admittedly while being sheltered by the "heroic teachers" trying to save them from the "hail of bullets" all being hit in face/head to the point that even family members could not see their children and would all have to have a closed casket??? Maybe there is an explanation - but I can't think of one. If all of these children were so totally disfigured by the gunshots, how were they all positively id'd within an hour or two--without even a family member making those id's?
And one of my biggies (well 2, I guess) Is why, after the "medical examiner"(weird guy!) supposedly examined each of these victims-apparently enough to be able to tell what kind of gun caused their injuries - why did these children lay dead on a floor all day long and were only removed late in the night under the cover of darkness. And why were all these parents so compliant with them doing so---if my baby lay dead on some cold hard floor - you would have had to shoot me to keep me from going to get them. And about those parents--what mother sits and laughs and smiles constantly through an interview when asked how did she feel about not seeing her dead child, and while talking about how they took sharpie pins and colored every inch of her small white casket with all the things she loved. I think about trying to have that conversation if one of my children were dead and I choke up & about cry right now.
Why did CNN opt to use footage from another "incident"(Staged Event)for there "Breaking News" of the Sandy Hook Shooting?
Why was Robbie Parker laughing and cutting up with the reporters right before his interview--then have to make himself hyperventilate to "get into character" for his interview.
Why is EVERY "family portrait" of the Parker's photo-shopped? With Emilie always cropped in on the end? The other two children are obviously being held, with arms around them by the parents...but Emilie is always just kind of stuck there on the end. Even the picture of her standing in front of her dad..why aren't his arms wrapped around her like any normal father/daughter picture would be? She's just kind of stuck there in front of him...and not a whole lot of work gone into fixing the lighting issues of 2 different pictures being combined....and I've seen things written about the fingers of the dad and kids (from being reptilian or claws, to shooting devil signs-I'm not sure about any of that, however, I have done a good bit of photo-shopping, and while fairly decent at it, I'm not an "expert" and can tell you I have gotten that same result too many times to count when trying to take hands from one photo to crop into another photo--especially like the one of the Parkers with him holding the 2 girls on his lap...I must say, tho, that I have never forgotten to give someone legs....)Also, why is Emilie not photographed in any of the school photo's--like her class picture??? That's kind of weird, too. And one more photo anomaly regarding Emilie--how does sh show up on the Presidents lap--after she is already "dead"? Maybe there are some sane explanation to some of these things--but I haven't found one yet.
The sad thing is, whomever is behind these crazy shootings and other weirdness happening in our country realizes they don't even have to "try hard" to sell this insanity because the majority of the people either don't care or so dumbned-down to the point when the truth, the facts, are laid out before them would rather call us "conspiracy nuts" or a million other derogatory names instead of even looking at the truth.
One other thing....All of these stories about the deceased I have been reading (Neighbor interviews, family interviews, etc) all sound like the same damn story, over & over (such a sweet, child, such a joy, always smiling, loved her little siblings, loved animals...blah blah blah) sound like they are written by one person---using the same phrases over and over...I wonder if anyone has one of those programs that teachers/professors use that can pretty much show if more than one paper is authored by a single person. It would be really interesting to see all these stories filtered through a program like that. When I look through our local paper, it is very rare that I see: "So-in-so, neighbor of the deceased, speaking ANONYMOUSLY, said how sweet, wonderful, always smiling, such a joy, loved animals, loved school.loved, loved.loved - Evan the child with autism is described in these exact same words...I'm no expert, but I have had plenty of dealings with autistic children (my son has aspergers), my sister is an A/B therapist & teacher, and I have worked with autistic children through my substitute teaching at school-so while not an "expert", I still have plenty of experience with autism & I must say that the words used to describe this autistic child almost completely is the opposite definition of "autism")...but all who were interviewed would only speak ANONYMOUSLY (NO NAME TO FOLLOW UP WITH LATER!)...who does that??? My neighbor committed suicide a few weeks ago, nobody spoke 'ANONYMOUSLY" about's just another "strange thing". Also, I live in a very small town...I mean 10 streets, one red light and a corner store-small...I have 6 children - ages from 31 year old down to 13 year old....we have been involved with school functions, church functions, scout & other functions, birthday parties, holiday get-togethers...everything you'd expect in a small town.... I also substitute teach at our counties schools...and I must say, if I was interviewed by the news about all the children that live just on our street, I could not come up with the details that all of these people that were interviewed following this were able to come up with!
Sometimes, if you just apply common sense and a "what would I do" kind of mentality to these can't help but question the "official story". Well, that is, if you still know how to think for yourself--the majority of people today are just too content to believe what the TV tells them to believe.
And last but not least, when you have lost a family member, someone you love - would you be able to give an interview 24 hours after their death with every hair in place, dressed in well put together out, make up perfect...and not shed a tear--as a matter of fact--be laughing and joking with people just moments from that interview? Would you be able to sit for an interview the day after burying your child--and without a tear--be all smiles and laughs while you discussed your dead child & her funeral? Better yet..could you bury your child without ever seeing him or her--no matter what "shape" they are in? I just wish people would start questioning this story with these kinds of question: WHAT WOULD I DO? I think, in that light, a lot of people will realize there is something really wrong with the Sandy Hook story.
And about the now TWO-FACED Story--of "there was only one shooter and he committed suicide" & "we can't release any info because of fear for the witnesses" -- We have got to DEMAND they choose which story they are going with & DEMAND accountability - and either admit it was more than one shooter AND ARREST SOMEBODY ELSE---or say it was just this LANZA kid and release the rest of the sealed papers!