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Comment: Push to Target Political enemies

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Push to Target Political enemies

...and this push will focus on anybody who is PRO-Constitutional and everything else liberty-related. This is just what Germany did prior to WWII which included Hitler's Regime and henchmen.

A word of warning---always be careful what you blog on the Internet---always couch what you say in non-threatening terms---always be careful.

We all have many worries here at Daily Paul, indeed, and many of our non-political brethren are right there with us, too. THAT is what worries the Billionaire Elites most. They don't have a handle on just how many or what percentage of the population would rebel against such measures of extreme control. It isn't just the liberty-minded actively involved educated. It's about the regular, Joe Blow hunters, the farmers, the ranchers, and city people who want to protect themselves.

I can't even begin to type my worries of what the Billionaire Elites and their co-conspirator government pimps could do for fear of giving them any more ideas.

I hope CLYNBRIT is right, for all our sakes.