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Comment: Look getting elected to

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Look getting elected to

Look getting elected to congress is one thing. But none of us will ever live to see a Ron Paul as POTUS. He is right. But you have to give lip service to the establishment in certain areas. We have let our country go down the wrong road the last 100 years+ that we are not gonna change this over night. We are gonna have to have people that pay lip service on certain issues. Sadly, at the end of the day people like Rand and Ted would still be long shots. I really believe Hillary has this in the bag. Don't get me wrong I will strongly support Rand in the primary, but hell Rand winning the primary is a long shot in my mind. One positive I can find is that when you look at the stats behind Rand's facebook 'likes' (600,000) vs Ron's (1.2 Mil), is that we find that Rand is more popular among the boomers. Support Rand in 2016.