Comment: Do what YOU want!

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Do what YOU want!

Ron Paul is a Republican. He is not leaving the GOP. Rand and Ted are Republicans, they will not be leaving the GOP. There are thousands of us, Astroturf and grassroots, in the GOP rEVOLution, the Indy Liberty Movement (which includes ALL parties).

As a Ron Paul RepubliCAN, because Ron Paul lead me into the GOP, where I sought to become a national delegate and became an elected member. Rand and Ted are now messangers to the rEVOLution. We learn politics from them as the Liberty Movement learned to lose their appathy and believe liberty will restore the Republic.

We have two seperate ways with a common goal, restore constitutional government, sound money and peace.

If you do not want to join the rEVOLution in the GOP, those of us on the rEVOLution support your choice and wish you the very best of luck. Amash is in the GOP as well.

They are asking you to stand with them and the rEVOKLution on your own grouds. If the GOP is not for you, OK. But either learn from the rEVOLution experience or from your Liberty Movement experience, and let's not knock each other.

Ask questions? Debate the hard subjects. Let's be respectful to each other's real world conditions. We all have our roles.