Comment: Expenses like campaign financing.

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Expenses like campaign financing.

Expenses like PR Firms, MSM advertising costs, teams of lawyers.

Expenses such as exorbitant employee salaries and benefits.

Expenses to pay teams of Congressional lobbyists.

Expenses for trains, planes and automobiles, buildings and maintenance.

Who are the federal Reserve members. The Comptroller of the currency of the US Treasury keeps the records. But it is easy to tell. What Corporations spare no expenses?

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgen, BOA, Pimco etc as well a many member of the MIC.

Shell, Mobil, Marathon, BP.

Krogers, Fry's, Ralphs, Food4 Less, Dillons, Food Co, King Soopers, Bakers, JayC etc.

Walmart, McDonald's, Harley Davidson, well anyone that goes to the Discount window as revealed by the recent audit.

All regulations target Main Street. All expenses are for Wall Street.

Congress has doomed us to Corporate control for their own benefit.

Free includes debt-free!