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Love is the source of all creation

What I have learned in recent years is that there is an energetic "force" at the foundation of all sub atomic particles that some call the field, source, consciousness or even Love.

We as humans have the biological ability to feel this energy's motion through our emotions (e-motion = energy motion). The more one is tuned to this sensation of Love the more the world yields it to you. Call it Karma if you wish. We are like biological electromagnetic beings. Whatever our output, we will receive as input as a reflection of sorts to be able to correct our ways.

It was only in about 400 AD that the division between science and religion came to be. Before that, in cultures like that of the Egyptians, there was no separation. The study of spirituality was very much a part of "faith" and it was understood quite well. But these esoteric teachings were not for peasants and thus became the lure of secret societies to this day. Passed through old books kept in private libraries far from common eyes.

But those days are at an end. Now these ancient teachings are being confirmed with modern science, such as quantum physics, and a reunion of science and faith is among us.

So what's Love? Go look in the mirror and you'll see it looking right back at you.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin