Comment: How did some of you find RP in the first place?

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How did some of you find RP in the first place?

I am frequently surprised at the level of closed-mindedness here at the DP, where supposed Ron Paul supporters and champions of liberty congregate. Despite witnessing the unfair and misleading treatment of Ron Paul by the media, it seems a lot of people are all too willing to accept this same media's portrayal of D.D. as fair and accurate.

Can anyone refute any of the facts presented in the video? Oh, that's right, you have to WATCH the video in order to have any chance of doing that, yet some people won't watch because of what they think they know about the messenger, and most of these same people probably don't know anything about him that wasn't told to them by the same media that lies to them about Ron Paul. How did they ever find Ron Paul to begin with? Ignorance can be remedied, but one has to be willing to let the truth come in.