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First-off, "Christ" is not an individual but a title. There have been many christs.

Secondly, there is significantly more evidence for Sasquatch than for a living creature Jesus Christ. Objective anthropologists, historians and archeologists agree that there is no credible evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. Most bible stories in both the old and new testaments are amalgamations of much older "savior" and "sons of gods" stories from other cultures that were plagiarized by ignorant shepherds who also believed that the earth was flat and wrote portions of the old and new testaments. The gospel of Mark is the oldest rip-off work of the gospels and the other newer gospels drew heavily on Mark's gospel. If these folks were "divinely inspired" why did their god blow it so badly and get the "facts" so wrong and in conflict with each other? Jesus Christ could not have been crucified on both a tree and a cross. The gospels conflict as to what were Jesus' last words.

The Christian bible is full of inconsistencies and incongruities and therefore is not a reliable source of any information.

With any luck, you will get over it.