Comment: I Respect Your Views...

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I Respect Your Views...

... but I have to point out two parts in your article that are big contradictions.

I cannot say this for Thomas Massie, but for Justin Amash let me point you to two positions and votes that he took that you have reprimanded Rand Paul for supporting.

Sanctions: Justin Amash - "Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons poses a serious threat to our country's security, and I support economic sanctions against Iran."

... and here is the bill that he voted in support of:

And now for foreign aid: He voted for H.R. 4133 which you can read more about here:

All this is not to bash Justin Amash. I really like him. I really like Rand Paul too. But you shouldn't say Justin Amash is better than Rand Paul when their voting record is nearly IDENTICAL. We need to stop holding Rand Paul to a higher standard than other politicians like Amash.

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