Comment: nope. it is slopily put together

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nope. it is slopily put together

and plays like a Nibiru video. Why is the government so threatened by us finding out about sasquach, tiny aliens and such otherthan tech advances they want to keep the patents off of? I'd love it if this had any bearing on laws/enforcement. if we can get these thugs and their criminal bosses when the justice system is obviously controled and feared by them to suddenly start following any law, I'd love to see it.
Reminds me of the gun control cartoon where the bandits turn around and go home for not wanting to trespass on a "Gun Free" zone. HAHAHA if we know one thing it is that they operate above and between laws. I'd be interested in identifying feasible work in the judicial system that will hold water. I'm trying to create change from the real world and it is getting harder lately. they're ramping up for a Feminist plea that must be dealt with before that situation gets any more irrational.