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Love can exist only when the self is not. That is, when you are more important than anything else, love cannot be. We tend to use the word love for the things we like or the things we find pleasing or pleasurable, but these are the things of thought, they are the response of the brain to external sensation/stimuli. If one loves one more than another, is that love? Does love divide, separate? Is love measurable, as in 'I love her more than him'? When love is personalized it becomes narrow, for it becomes the idea of love which is a product of thought. Thought, which can only understand as for as it has experienced, has no access to a living thing like love. Love can be found when all that is not love is put aside completely. Thought cannot pursue love, but it can see the false in that which it has contact with, the ending of the false is the movement of the truth,and love is truth when it moves as 'What Is'