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It is simply unreasonable to

It is simply unreasonable to deny the historical existence of Jesus. Evidence from a vast array of cultures and belief systems (even those ardently opposed to Christianity) attest to his physical existence. Now if you want to debate the truth of his claims, that's a different story. But to claim he didn't exist renders one generally "willingly ignorant" as another poster has mentioned. However, the great thing about freedom is that you are entitled to deny reality, and I'm entitled to withhold my respect. :)

It seems many of your claims come from such fact-void films as Zeitgeist which have thoroughly been exposed, and not personal research. (Zeitgeist makes some good points in the financial and political realm, but historically it wouldn't hold up in a high school debate club.) And if you're going to make claims that no one has been able to prove throughout history, you better be ready to back them up. If the Bible is so full of inconsistencies, surely listing 5 would not be so difficult? How about 3? ...2? Generally such alleged inconsistencies are quickly exposed as the ignorance of unlearned men, whom I hope you would have the discernment to avoid.

By the way, the cross was made of wood--wood that came from a tree.