Comment: Somewhat Disapointing

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Somewhat Disapointing

James Glattfelder starts off talking about complexity and emergent behaviour being based on simple rules of interaction between actors in the complex situation. He makes a good point about analyzing the emegent behaviour is inherently a deductive process of determining necessary actions and rules that would produce the behaviour.

He then ignores what he said in the setup and just analyses owbnership using numbers and equations.This analysis does not lead to any determination of how owners interact, it just documents what exists. From this you may infer that some actors in the ownership network may have more sway than the majority of owners because of their concentration of ownership. He does not expose any a priori rules or use any rules to deduce how in aggregate the ownership network will behave.

This guy is hung up on using numbers and math ( maybe because he is a physicist).

I thought at first he was going to mention the Austrian School of Economics, but no, he said that no analysis or deductive reasoning had been applied to economics.