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I Have No Idea What the Hell LOVE is!

I Really don't. I thought I did but I was wrong big time! I think that the REAL meaning of LOVE is FAR deeper than the crap that we are taught. Like, caring for an elderly person we don't really WANT to take care of, or caring for a child with serious issues that is really hard to care for or living with someone with serious mental or physical disabilities that makes your life a living hell but you take care of and LOVE them anyway. There are MANY more IMPORTANT meanings of LOVE than the crap I have seen in modern society that require REAL giving in order to show love besides SAYING IT!

Definition of love (v) · Bing Dictionary


[ luv ]

1.feel tender affection for somebody: to feel tender affection for somebody such as a close relative or friend, or for something such as a place, an ideal, or an animal
2.feel desire for somebody: to feel romantic and sexual desire and longing for somebody something very much: to like something, or like doing, something very much

Synonyms: affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, devotion, passion, ardor, amity