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God does not love all men

The God of the Bible does not love those whom He will send to hell. "The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity." -Ps. 5:5.

The idea that God loves all men is Pelagian in origin, and foreign to the Bible. It was popularized heavily by Arminius and others, particularly after the Reformation. But just because a large number of people hold to it does not mean it is what the Bible teaches.

The point is this: there is a God who made the universe and we are all accountable to Him. He has told us how we are to live and we will all stand before Him in judgment. God created men good, but mutable (changeable). Man fell from this state and became corrupt. God sent Jesus to redeem some people out of every tribe, kindred, tongue, and nation to show his mercy. He leaves others in their state of corruption to show His power and wrath.

Does God love Hitler? Stalin? Mussolini? Mao? We have no evidence that He saved them from their wickedness. And I agree with you entirely--to claim that God would be upset in Heaven for all eternity because He loves such horrible people but just had to send them to hell is totally inconsistent with a God worthy of respect or reverence.