Comment: It's a credibility thing

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It's a credibility thing

If Ron Paul announced that the reason he knows so much about Austrian economics is because one day while walking through the forest, a Sasquatch sent him a telepathic message to go to a certain place where a spaceship beamed him up and he was carried away to another planet and given a crash course on Austrian economics, would that make you think less favorably of him? It would me. The same holds true with people who claim to believe in talking snakes and asses and Jewish zombies. You "Buy Bull Bangers" are either intentionally torpedoing the liberty movement of are pawns being manipulated into doing so. In either case, your participation in the liberty movement is doing it grave harm and your efforts are not appreciated. Please stop posting this childish crap. You are destroying the credibility of the movement and are annoying those of us older and wiser folks who have been at this since the early 1960s. We have come too far to see it all destroyed by superstitious nonsense.