Comment: No one knows the future

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No one knows the future

We are winning. You don't know if Rand will become the next POTUS or not. All you're going is exposing your apathy.

We are changing the GOP, in that we are working to restore the republic to constitutional government, while we still can, in the Republican party, but there is a loberty movement for thiose who would rather not be a republican.

Rand's judgement is based on priorities and libertarian values which many here feail to see the huge strides Rand is making, Industrial Hemp, Diplomacy over pre-emptive war, states's rights (his iron dome idea was brilliant).

Those if us in the GOP are not sitting back. I'm elected and preparing to go to the CA State convention to support and vite in liberty candidates, which my committee is a liberty committee.. two years ago I was alone. Just because it's not in MSM doesn't mean it's not happening.

Ron Paul's legacy will be restoring the republic.