Comment: Satanists are rarely Jewish

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Satanists are rarely Jewish

Anecdotally the satanists of whom I have first hand knowledge have been: Irish, French-English, Hispanic-Italian, Argentinian, Greek, Jamaican. But I guess they were the drug-user loser types. I suppose by news reputation you could throw in Adam Lanza (italian?) and some others in England, Belgium and Italy. Maybe I need to meet the bankers. I suppose Anton LaVey? but then there is Aleister Crowley (British). It seems to be pretty evenly distributed from my limited experience and observation. Your experience? Oh you have none. You just watched some David Duke videos. Thats a fair source. After all its not like he has been biased all his life (sarcasm). He lived a full 18 years before he went public as a KKK member.