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Comment: Can you go down to my

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Can you go down to my

Can you go down to my original comment on this thread and look over all the evidence I provided and honestly still question this? Somebody DID fly planes into buildings and you CAN see it. I mean can you honestly watch over 30 different videos of the plane, from over 30 different people, with over 30 different cameras, from over 30 different angles, and still question what flew into the WTC? And that's only if you refuse to believe that thousands of people were there in NYC looking up and witnessed it, and that all the people on those videos must have been just acting, and the news crews were all just acting like they saw a plane too I guess, and burned up twisted 767 parts were strewn out over the area as well I guess. I mean let's get real here.

Here's a little clip of an engineer of the WTC talking about how a jet would be like a pencil poking through a screen hitting the towers.

So he confirms it would get swallowed into the building as it could poke through like a pencil through a screen. Now if you want to talk about if it would have caused the towers to collapse, that is another question altogether, but seems unquestionable to me from the amount of evidence that the United plane was the second plane to hit the towers.