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Comment: The universal energy and force

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The universal energy and force

of the Universe. It holds everything together. Without it there is nothing.

There is a book out there called, "What we believe but cannot prove."

One guy in there - a brain scientist (sadly, I can't tell you who, or on what page, because I don't have my copy with me right now) - says that most brain scientists believe that by studying the physical matter of the brain, they'll eventually figure out the mechanism by which consciousness arises. This guy says they've got it all wrong. They're barking up the wrong tree, and they'll never figure it out, because they've got the logic reversed:

It is not consciousness that arises from matter. The entire universe is consciousness, and it is from that consciousness that matter arises.

Which is a long, roundabout way of me saying the same thing about Love. The Universe is love. It is infused with love. Love is the force that holds everything together. It is everywhere, and therefore all around you if you will only wake up, tune into it and stop resisting it.