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Linking censored comments

Since the "blogger" censored my comment, and since the censor left my name there, and then the censor who left my name there also wrote lies about me, I think it is a good opportunity to defend my Liberty with ARMS I BEAR called words.


Joe Kelley February 17, 2013 at 11:57 pm

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Defensive arms I bear against character assassins hiding behind false claims of authority over what is factually accurate:

The right to bear arms is not guns, hunting guns, or anything so specific as might be a limit upon what CONSTITUTES arms.

The censors censor and the dictators dictate because that is their business, they volunteer, they give themselves license, and they target individuals, innocent people, and then they invent an attack, and then they execute that attack, and that is why people who may be targets are people who defend their capacity to defend against such attacks or suffer injury.

Censors confess, as did George Washington, invading Pennsylvania to crush The Spirit of Liberty. Dictators confess, as did Madison when he turned against the monster he helped create. Frauds confess as did Hamilton when his promise to be a benevolent tax man was broken as soon as he stole the license to tax, and he did tax, and he set the standard, he got his National Debt.

Arms borne by the victims continue to be attacked even now, even on this web page, so confess again Dictator, Censor, volunteer, working pro bono, or are you too on the payroll?