Comment: Here's the difference.

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Here's the difference.

Ron Paul supports the Republic, limiting government, and you taking action to take back your government, blames collectivism, socialism, etc. and extolls the founding fathers who took their OWN destiny into their OWN hands and formed their OWN government.

David Duke blame jews. And wants people to believe were it not for jews everything would be ok.

Do you not see the difference between DD and RP? RP is anti-collectivist. DD's premise and solution both are collectivist.

RP believes in the expression of man's higher nature: construction.
DD believes in the basest of man's higher nature: destruction.

Regardless of what you believe about jews, zios, or whatever the hell, you should be ashamed of yourself for buying into just another form of collectivism and high rapidly you were able to be drawn away from RP's message of hope.