Comment: Two Magic Passports Recovered On Street Below WTC!

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Two Magic Passports Recovered On Street Below WTC!

Second Hijacker Passport Said Found On Street Below WTC!
From David Fisher, Jan 27, 2004

Subject: Flying under the radar, AP report

"CBS News report, 2004: Passport belonging to one of the hijackers, Satam al-Sugami, was found on the street minutes after the plane he was aboard crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center prior to building collapse." Amazing stuff! This is yet another "magic passport" found in the rubble in addition to "mastermind" Mohamed Atta's discovered passport at the WTC site.

Do Magic Passports fly?:

  1. Fireballs engulfed & destroyed WTC tower. Tow or three of them.
    • structural steel
    • airplanes, including cockpit & black-box recorders (recorders (located aft).
    • contents
  2. Yet, those same fireballs did no harm to surviving passports. Two found in pristine condition on streets adjacent to WTC. No surface scratches, scuffs, abrasions or burns. Untarnished.

Might USA create new black-box data recorders with passport shielding. The same indestructible material which made magical Saudi Arabian passports?

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