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Comment: What is lame is your assertions

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What is lame is your assertions

I know I have made comments about this before, Voluntary mutual beneficial transactions occur every day, (call this the voluntaryist not anarchist if you want). These transactions take place because humans who are not sociopaths learn some simple rules of behavior and apply these rules in everyday life.

From following these rules emerges an aggregate behavior for all the individuals that make up a society.

No hand waving or asking for you to suspend disbelief is needed. We just need to amplify existing behavior by the good actors in society.

A voluntaryist society is not a phase change from what is current, We just need to remove roadblocks placed by the state. It is also a learning process, it doesn't spring into being like a jack in the box.

Me thinks you do not really understand emergent behavior or the study of it.

The inner workings of the individuals in society do not need to be determined and there are so many individuals that their workings are unknowable in a practical manner.

The idea is that the general progress of society can be deduced, Like how birds when they flock move from one place to another with many twists and turns but the general direction can be deduced and the birds following rules gradually damp their chaotic motion.

My take on the pretense of knowledge problem is that details can not be determined but the direction of progress can be deduced.

>>>no understanding of the whole economy or society is possible -
This is overstating the concept. We know from experience that the majority of the individuals will behave in their self interest, and this self interest is controlled by ethics and morals which tend to reinforce mutually beneficial behavior.

"I Pencil" shows that the Dixon pencil company does not have to know how to tap rubber trees to make the rubber for the eraser. The emergent behavior is ruled by the self interest of the individual actors and by the self reinforcing rules of ethical behavior . So rubber is produced and is eventually turned into erasers by this emergent behavior.

That is the wonder of it all, that no state or central pencil planners are needed, IE no rulers(everyday anarchy), just everyone transacting in mutually beneficial ways.
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