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Comment: A full-blown documentary is desperately needed!

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A full-blown documentary is desperately needed!

This just brought back all those painful and frustrating memories.

The Ron Paul r3VOLution is a story that must be heard by every American citizen and beyond. Ron Paul was robbed from being our next president through unfair treatment, coercion, lies and downright fraud - plain and simple.

I'd do it myself if I had the tools and talent. What I can do is offer my time for collaborative research on such a noble effort.

And if I may be so bold, I'd like to offer my opinion to anyone considering such a project...

Please resist the temptation to try and sell Ron Paul to the audience. Don't discuss his positions or compare him to other politicians. That is a guarantee to leave many feeling it's a damn good thing he DIDN'T become our next president. Instead use this as a demonstration on how the media and establishment work against the best interests of American citizens, by robbing us of choices and our own free will.

Once people realize they've been lied to and denied information they'll seek it out. They'll want to know why there was such a buzz surrounding this guy they were forced to ignore. People tend to be more open to having their views challenged when its on their own terms.