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I didn't select the speakers at the convention. I think this is a great opportunity to strike LIBERTY into the GOP and it's great to show Karl Rove that he is not above us, but that WE ARE WINNING because we are individuals, supporting individuals, that support LIBERTY in the GOP (and globally), from those like Karl Rove who wants to eliminate us, with his new Vicotry PAC.

Why should I make his day and not be there? Do you actually think he wants to see someone passing out cards, and looking him in the eye and saying, "The people are catching on ,Karl"?

Do you think Ben Stein wants to hear someone say, "First they came for the mentally ill (in the name of guns) but I was not mentally ill."?

If you think that I'm there to support these two, then you have no idea what kind of fight we are up against, or how determined I am to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

Thank you for the bump.