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I don't know

that he's necessarily against Jews.. though it's clear that he's no fan of the religion. But I don't see that as different than the way certain Christians portray Islam. Or the way monotheists portray atheists (or vice versa for that matter.)

He is staunchly anti-zionist. Which is a subset of a group with varying degrees of influence inside this country that are antithetical to ideals of (in some cases) liberty, libertarianism and conservatism.

Even at that, Zionism in and of itself isn't a problem. There are many schools of thought within zionism. It's a subset of that subset that appears to be the problem: i.e. undue influence of a group of zionist that may have too much (negative) sway over US policies.

which to me, seems perfectly legitimate.

I don't know much about David Duke, the man, but that's what I take away from all this. He may be a terrible dog. I'm not standing up for him, just trying to highlight a difference that appears to be missing in your analysis.