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"We are the judge of no men! We have no jurisdiction over any man, and those who claim they do are evil. I cannot punish a man for anything- when I have no jurisdiction over him to begin with! This applies to murderers even, we must not be angry with them lest we be committing ourselves to stand his trial! We have been told to forgive all men, without condition. It does not matter the crime."

This above quote of cwk's should change as the Word is read and better understood. God appoints civil magistrates over us to carry out justice. Christ came to judge the world. WE are to judge, but with righteous judgement. Moses was made a judge, to hear the cases brought to him. He appointed many other judges to hear the smaller cases. He would decide the tougher ones. God does have punishments for different laws broken, the more heinous the greater the punishment, i.e., murder demands then capital punishment.

God forgives our sins but what comes first is our repentance. IF we can not repent and can not ask God for forgiveness then we have no love for Him and God does not declare our sins forgiven.

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The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.