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Thank you for running as a

Thank you for running as a Republican, in a race that you at least have a chance of winning the primary, for an office that you can reasonably fulfill the duties of. Many more people need to take note of that and learn from it.

I'm also glad to see that Gigi Bowman is herself running for State Senate in New York's District 5. Although it would be better to run for the Republican nomination for that office, or as a Libertarian in a House District or for a smaller office, it is better to run for State Senate than for President or Governor or Senator when you haven't ever been elected to anything beyond a position in the Libertarian Party.

Big L Libertarians, please do us all a favor and run in a race against a Republican incumbent, instead of splitting the vote with a Republican against a Democrat incumbent. Or at the minimum talk with the liberty Republicans in your district to find out if they're recruiting someone to run. That would help a lot. Thanks.