Comment: Some say 'God is Love',

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Some say 'God is Love',

I say Love is God.

It is the fabric that connects people to people, making them aware of those around them no matter where they may be. It gives value to what is truly precious to each and every one of us. It is shared by people no matter their species, race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, appearance and the like: it can be platonic or romantic, friendly or familial. Everyone in the world knows what it is, religious or non-religious.

If not for love, there is no awareness of your world. You would not see the colours of nature, or the light of day and the glimmer of night; you would not hear the songs of voices, or feel the windflows around you; there would be nothing for you but fifty shades of dull, endless, indifferent grey, contained in the cold machine of your being. People would not strive for the betterment of other people, or care about nature and their surroundings, or to search for true freedom and liberty to share with others, or to feel any emotion, or to simply live, if it were not for love.

Nothing would compel you otherwise.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.