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Comment: You are a babe in Christ

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You are a babe in Christ

Have you heard "the contemplation of being with God is sweet as honey but the experiences are bitter"? It is a wonderful feeling to be drawn to the Lord but there is much to learn from this point.

We grow the most in our Christian life by simply living it and praying in private. Why? Because it is only important that God knows who you are. Some examples are; If someone grabs you by the arm and says to come with him because he is going to misuse you, you should go freely and once you are there ask if there is more you can do. If someone slaps your face let him slap your face again. It doesn't matter if it is one person or a group of Muslims treating you like an infidel. Pray for them but (like Jesus)never raise your hand to do them harm for what they are doing.

To grow in Christ so that you may be able to eat and digest the meat of your life in Christ (Hebrews 5: 9-)later in your maturity is what is needed. Saying it is good but living it is where the growth is found.
God bless you.