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It's too bad you see my comments as negative

where as I see them as realistic. Is it okay to disagree? Is it possible that you're one of the "lucky" ones that's surrounded by open minded individuals and I'm not?

It's too bad you take issue with my assessment, but did you actually prove me wrong on what I said regarding the protests out on the street? No you didn't. Instead you got defensive because I hurt your feelings when I said that men - FOR THE MOST PART - not everyone(that should be obvious) are different today. I'll give you ONE example and you can take it for what it's worth or continue being offended;

Men, and what I mean is people in general(including women), "for the most part" are too AFRAID these days to take action. They're too afraid of the "POSSIBLE" physical consequences, the repercussions, the laws, the possible tear gas, and worst of all what people will think about them. THAT FEAR holds US as a nation BACK.

Shark, would you agree that our elections are rigged? If so, did EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE you know feel the same? Then why not do something about it? Why do I see people in other countries "doing something" other than simply bitching and moaning? Do we really have to take a clue from Mexico no less, or any other country for that matter?

MILLIONS protested in Europe.

I was in Colombia over a year ago. They had mass protests over college costs, which of course didn't get any MSM coverage. Guess what? Costs didn't go up. It worked for them. It may not have worked, but the point is they took to the streets, held their ground, and it paid off.

Remember the Tea Party? Not the actual political party, but the historical event? That was over a TAX policy. Would you agree with me that we're WELL BEYOND being bent over as far as taxes, losses of freedoms, a corrupt justice system, just to name a few? Notice a difference in reactions from citizens? I guess people nowadays are just fine with almost 40% income tax, and not to mention ALL the other sales and taxes one has to pay throughout. About a year ago, someone here made or posted a calculation that in reality, we were already paying about 72% in taxes after all was said and done. Regardless of that figure, how well do you think the Colonists would have taken that 37% taxation, and what do you think they would've done? Honestly.

I don't deny anyone is angry and pissed off. But what did the colonists do? More importantly, WHAT HAVE WE DONE? When is the U.S. going to get fed up enough to actually protest?

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." and "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-Edmond Burke

Would you agree with those two Different, yet Similar quotes? Think they've gained a foothold yet? With the crashing dollar looming - Who do you REALLY think is winning?

And as far as being patient with my fellow American; I won't take offense at your comment towards me - since you don't know me. But to set you, and the record straight, if you knew me, you'd see you couldn't be more wrong. I know what it takes to wake people up, and I also know that they have to be ready and not rushed. Most of us were there at one point. But it's one thing to have patience with someone and try to wake them up, and it's something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT to point out the problem within our country. This isn't about "negativity and patience". You're confusing those two with my "frustration". Negativity isn't about trying to point out a problem within our country(which I've pointed out), while at the same time showing an alternative(possible solution). So don't try and flip it and mix the two. As a "possible" solution, I've already expressed protests. Regardless of whether that will actually work in this country or not is a moot point, as it hasn't EVEN BEEN TRIED. And please don't mention the occupy movement, as they "got in the kitchen", but "couldn't take the heat" so to speak. Due to the MSM, many looked at them as "crybabies" and sure enough, it died out. Once again - FEAR. I won't deny my frustration at it all though.

Shark, I'm not here to get into a pissing contest with you, and I'm also not here to offend your manhood. But I will call 'em as I see 'em. I've provided you with facts and links - your turn - PROVE ME WRONG. Prove to me - that THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL oBUMacare won't pass through the Supreme Court because our "justice" system isn't corrupt. Prove to me that the UNCONSTITUTIONAL NDAA won't be struck down by a bought and paid for appeals judge. Prove to me that Aaron Swartz and Kim Dotcom weren't part of a witch hunt set out to make an example of by our "justice" dept. and that they'll go after those responsible for Operation Fast & Furious, and those responsible behind denying any help for Benghazi with the same kind of ferociousness and tenacity. Where's the outrage Shark? Where's the protests? Keyboard warriors don't count. As you said so yourself, where's the solution? Well how can there be one when no one ever tries? It seems to me, that FOR THE MOST PART, the only way someone gets "involved" is unless it affects them "personally". Hence the "so effective" online petitions that are so popular these days.

BTW - I sincerely appreciate your efforts in having "justice" served regarding 9/11. As a native New Yorker, very few things would make me happier. But frankly, at the risk of offending you, you're being naive. And I know I probably just offended you, but get over it, and tell me WHEN justice has ever been served regarding Kennedy, Gulf of Tonkin, etc. And I know this is "different", and that you're planning on working "up the totem pole" so to speak. But you'll be dealing with a WORLDWIDE CORRUPT "justice" system (with the possible exception of Sweden or Iceland), that will bleed anyone dry financially over the period of many, many years, and that's if it ever gets that far to begin with.

Think whatever you want of me Shark, but my INTENTION was NEVER to offend. I for one, don't offend easily and I hope you haven't taken any offense at something new I may have said, and whether relevant to you or not, I DO like you and the posts/comments you've made in the past. All I ask, in the interest of this country, is to read the FACTS I've presented and leave emotion out of it. I sincerely wish you well and luck with your site. As always, your thoughts are welcome.