Comment: And if I may add to set the record straight

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And if I may add to set the record straight

of a very popular myth -

While it may be true that some illegals don't pay taxes, many illegals DO in fact pay taxes because of added benefits. Two ways that I personally know they pay taxes;

#1. With the hopes of establishing a dated record that they've been in the country since a certain date(VERY important for amnesty hopefuls), they will take out a TAX ID CARD
which ALLOWS them to LEGALLY PAY TAXES. SOME banks allow(ed) this in lieu of a Social Security number in order to open up a bank account(something else that could be used as "dated" proof).

#2. Bought, Stolen, and even Borrowed Social Security numbers. The illegals want a "better" job. They obtain the SS as previously mentioned, while the actual SS owner gets credited for it.

The government doesn't care if you're illegally here as long as you're paying taxes. As far as deportations go, it now seems you have to have committed a crime or have a criminal background in order to proceed.