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If 'Rand isn't a libertarian'...

...then Ron isn't a libertarian.

If you listen to them both, Rand's message/content is just as much libertarian as Ron's. BOTH of them, when in front of a mainstream audience, pull their punches. Is their content identical? Of course not.

Rand grew up at the Ron dinner table. He spent a huge chunk of his life vigorously campaigning for Ron, including in the last two presidential campaigns.

Rand uses darn near every media op to slip in the word 'libertarian' in a positive context. (Even Ron didn't do that.) It's going a long way toward furthering the 'libertarian brand'. Name another national politician who did the same. Here's a clue: it's never been done before.

If you don't think he's a libertarian, you have your head up your ass.