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You have no idea how wrong you are about The Granger. She is most definitely a Patriot in the trenches fighting for our side. It's really a shame that you and a few others just don't get that. Politics is a game, whether we like it or not. The Granger has played the game very well and has scored a victory for our side in CA. In fact, now she is at the forefront of fighting to get politics out of the back room bs in her committee.

Wherever have you positioned yourself in the fight for freedom, I'm quite sure it isn't in the lions' den, where The Granger dared to go and infiltrate. She succeeded and I am proud of her. We need a whole lot more like her, willing to do whatever is necessary to defeat the enemies of freedom in our country at their own game.

The truth is that she also rejects the neocon, Israel firsters and works her ass off doing her part to restore the Constitution, battle after battle.