Comment: Based on a vision Malachy recieved from God

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Based on a vision Malachy recieved from God

For eons the church was the primary propaganda arm for all kings and rulers. Today the MSM is more effective than the church. However, the church has been around for a long time and still has plenty of money and power. The church still plays a HUGE role in working with governments to keep the masses confused between what is real and what is an illusion. If nothing else, the State can use the % of people who remain convinced that mythological beings, ghosts, goblins, and Gods can actually exist to determine how best to use their own propaganda against the people.

Do you remember how you felt when you found out how The FED really works? How banks create money out of nothing and charge us interest on those computer digits? Do you remember how unbelieveable it was to you at the time? Now, fast forward a few years. How frustrating is it when you now try to explain how the FED works to someone that is clueless about the history of money and banking? Or, now that you know TV is used to program us with frustrated do you get when you try to explain to people that what they hear on TV is NOT true, but false and misleading? What about trying to explain how dangerous our militarism is to our own personal freedom to someone that has a "USA is #1" T-Shirt on and a "Support our Troops" sticker on their mini-van? Frustrating isn't it?

For those of us that have gone down the "origins of religion" rabbit hole...posts like this...especially in a forum where there are suppose to be a bunch of truth just, well, FRUSTRATING!

BTW - This comment is based on a vision I received from Zeus "Father of Gods and men"