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It appears to me they are both speaking

What's the point of showing up with a sign that says, "Rove is the problem", if Rove is not going to be there?

Better yet, instead of showing up with a sign, why not get on a central committee, or start attending meetings and deliver the message in person? My committee is a Liberty Committee, much like DP in person.

I hope to meet and talk with many Republicans about sound money, constitutional government, lack of Robert's Rules of Order, too much precident, Justin Amash, , and how the hell we are going to compete with a democratic party that has ALL the corporate support, making the party like the republic of communist China's, adapted for a secular global government, by, of, and for corporations.

It would be a shame if Shapio replaced Rove. It would tell me that the money is leaving the GOP, that MSM has given us a babysitter, we won the promary and they are abandoning ship with the loot.