Comment: Ron Paul is a Republican.

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Ron Paul is a Republican.

There is a difference between supporting and voting FOR a candidate, and voting with respects to a loyal oath and will not commit perjury.

I felt it was better to keep the oaths I took, which included an oath to the constitution, than to worry about Romney who wasn't running to win. The republicans know they were screwed by the GOP, and it's tied up with the Secretary of State, who put up Romney as the GOP nominee months before the GOP convention in Tampa.

Was I ever a true Ron Paul supporter?

I came across Ron Paul in March of 07. I refused to join the GOP. Originally I was a Libertarian, joined in 1976 under the influence of NORML ads in my Dad's Playboy magazines. He was an Objectivist and pushed Ayn Rand on us, and the drug laws were objectionable, so I remained in the LP until I witness a stolen election in 1992. Clinton.. as a precinct inspector for the registrar, I was far from alone in polling officials who had locked boxes of uncounted ballots when Clinton was named prsident.

That what led me to campaign for Ralph Nader's Indy runs, more voices and choices on the ballot. Ron Paul's rEVOLution was a cake walk, but very frustrating because he would not do it MY way, Independent. So I joined the GOP when Ron Paul made his second republican party bid for president. I wanted to be a national delegate.

I became a district team leader for NW CA, and combined, Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino pulled more votes for Ron Paul than any district, my own county Mendocino, placed 5th, out of 55 counties.

It physically made me ill when I first registered Republican, and I was afraid to go to my first committee meeting. I was a guest for a year before I was appointed, and then I collected my elected seat, and now I am elected treasurer, which gives me voting power in Mendocino, and the State, and National delegations.

This affords me the opportunity to stand for Liberty and share the message and solutions of how to restore the republic, get understanding and support. It is also, my time to listen to what is going on in the party and what issues we are facing.

To me, pawnstorm, you are protecting the Ron Paul haters by avoiding them and giving them plenty of room to do what they want, while you puff about Ron Paul. Ron Paul got me in the GOP. Why didn't he get YOU in the GOP?

It's not about the Republican Party, it's about supporting a long time DP who MN trusts.

Peace be with you