Comment: You asked about the plane

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You asked about the plane

You asked about the plane disappearing inside the building, I provided evidence from an engineer of the WTC that said it would.

Can you answer any of the questions I've asked since you still must contend it wasn't the United flight? How did the Boeing 767 parts get strewn around the area? Or the American Airlines parts?

Another thing I might ask is with all the evidence there is that it was the United 175 plane, what evidence makes you believe otherwise?

IMO the only reason anyone argues that it wasn't United 175 is because they have told other people that it wasn't and now they won't admit they were wrong because they don't want to look foolish. Or because you WANT to believe that it wasn't, for whatever reason. I have personally held different stances on 9/11 and what happened along with other 'conspiracy theories', but when the evidence proves me wrong I change my belief. Oh well I was wrong at first, that's better than holding onto a belief that everyone else knows is wrong.