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No, The Spring Convention

We nominate, elect, and seat CA GOP officers, have training seminars, and lunches and dinners with speakers. We network. I get to meet other Ron Paul Republicans..

To become a national delegate for Ron Paul, I had to petition for ballot access and get a GOP committee seat. When I qualified for ballot access, the county recorder called me into the office and she had me take those oaths. So I could not have been a delgate for Ron Paul had I not signed those oaths.

I don't see Rand playing along. Rand is making great changes in the GOP.. legislation to grow hemp, constitutional declared wars, not employing drones on Americans, or anyone. Auditing the fed.. I would think most here know what Rand is up against.. he's not one of 500 congressmen.. he's one of 52 Senators, and he has MSM attention, so he is changing the GOP because they are listening to him.

Last meeting a candidate told me, blah blah Ron Paul, didn't like his forgeign policy." So I said, Ron Paul lifted his foreign policy from Jefferson. It was not some original idea. It's what the constitution says". That man looked at me like a deer in headlights.

We are waking them up. Now, that may be hard for those like you who are awake and heppily far removed from that dirty GOP, but for us who followed Ron Paul into the GOP, we need support too. We need to spread the message on businesscards and friendly dinners that we are not alone and some rougue wacko.

I hope to be a smahing hit and a rising star in the GOP as a Ron Paul Republican. If you can do better, more power to you, my hat is off to you!