Comment: Justice may never be served.

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Justice may never be served.

But don't underestimate exposure.

When people realize how they're being duped, it may make them less reluctant to go along with it the next time.

Look at Sandy Hook and the gun control agenda. Even though we may not know exactly what happened, MANY people caught on quickly that something was not right (much quicker than with 9/11) and didn't get sucked in so easily to the gun control ~solution~ being offered as the remedy for the purported problem of mass shootings.

And from what I could tell, it was keyboard warriors, as you call them, who were largely responsible for calling attention to the nonsense.

I am by no means slighting protesters out on the street, but the reality is that as more people in this day and age spend more time at their computers, cyberspace is a battleground in the information war.

So whether protesters or keyboard warriors or whatever the method, exposing the lies and corruption IS doing something. ;)