Comment: Underestimating the military

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Underestimating the military

Properly estimating the treasonous plans of US military leaders requires a global context, i.e., globalization.

Since globalization, America's military purpose is not to protect U.S. political and economic freedoms. It's priority is securing resources for emerging BRIC markets (Brazil Russia India China), which have been picked to dominate the global economy. Afghanistan's resources are a prime example. Peter O'Malley is a spokesman for one of the UK's largest banks (HSBC). He was on CNBC saying Afghanistan has a Trillion dollars of mineral reserves and Chinese State owned companies are already mining there. He also said Afghanistan is the "Saudi Arabia of lithium". Lithium is used in batteries for electronics, electric cars and huge batteries to store the intermittant "clean" energy produced by wind and solar farms. So Afghanistan is the first war for clean energy and our troops are being used to subsidize Communist China's economy. It's the "free" market. Coincidentally, most wind turbines, solar panels, electronics and batteries are manufactured in China. Here's the link to CNBC and Afghan mining.

I tested the link, it brings up the title "Mining for potential in Afghanistan" but won't run the video. If you use CNBC's search engine and type in "Peter O'Malley", you'll get some text on the topic. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)