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Comment: The new recruit and the old sergeant...

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The new recruit and the old sergeant...

In the midst of a famous battle, a battle akin to our present titanic struggle to regain liberty and freedom through Constitutional means and the rule of law, just as the enemy was charging our trenches, a young recruit said, "Let us pray"!

To which the old sergeant shouted, "You pray... pass me the bullets!"

DP is composed of 'old sergeants and new recruits'. The battle has entered the trenches already! It is wisest that the new recruits follow the advice of the old sergeant!

We presume all the forces aligned with Ron Paul's vision of America, and what it requires to regain liberty, understand love. But there is now, no time left us but to engage in that which is most calculated to effect our temporal victory!

And that is, lighting brush-fires of freedom in our neighborhoods, by clarifying the real issues of truth for them, in such a manner, and with such alacrity, that history will record we did in the most desperate of circumstances, in the most critical of time pressure, precisely that which freedom's victory required of us.

My friends, it is time to 'pass the bullets'!