Comment: In war half of the mission

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In war half of the mission

is to acquire the weaponry and supplies necessary to achieve your goal. The other half is to weed out the armchair or keyboard warriors who do nothing but talk and spread defeatism. Do you think that the members of the military who honor their oath to the Constitution are going to come to us empty handed? Don't you think there are individuals savvy enough to understand that any resistance is dependent upon the capture of the opposing sides weaponry? Have you ever seen what a small laser can do when flashed inside the cabin of a helicopter or plane? Things such as this will be utilized to even the stakes a bit. In war there are sacrifices and those sacrifices might mean going out with just an AK or AR. There are times a commander must send warriors on a mission that he knows they won't return from and you can bet your bottom dollar that will happen many times if and when the SHTF. People die in uprisings and contrary to popular belief there isn't a reset that makes them miraculously regenerate. Such is war, it's a situation to be avoided at high cost but one to be dutifully engaged in to preserve our liberty, what's the worst they can do nuke us? I, for one, really don't think the armed forces are the ones we will face, rather it will be the minions of the alphabet agencies whose only loyalties are to their own career advancement and to promote their inflated cowboy egos. Remember and prepare for Waco and Ruby Ridge and to act as bloodthirsty and ruthlessly as they. And for God's sake, don't leave a manifesto behind.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.