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That's the thing

You don't have to Believe it at all. You just need to FEEL it. Love is an emotion that we can physically feel. It's right under our noses. But look at the world around us. We are taught nothing but hate, fear and violence. Many men don't dare to speak of "Love" because that's ghey or something. We have conditioned it out of our daily lives. There is a whole system that the evil people on this round rock have pushed down our throats so that we don't realize how SIMPLE it is to find Love (or God if that's your POV).

So how do we get to Love? Start small. Use the power of your own mind to think of things that make you happy or feel a sense of love. Think about a beautiful sunset, puppies, a loved one, anything to bring up the EMOTION of LOVE and resonate in that moment. Get to know what that feeling FEELS like and practice it. Some days will be rough but eventually you will really be used to feeling MORE Love than Not. A tipping point. From there things get really amazing and life really does change.

All of that I found without Christ. I found it in meditation and a basic knowledge of physics. It's only now that I can read what Christ said and understand the deep YET SIMPLE meaning of his words. I still don't follow a Christian path but that's my choice. We have many different metaphors like Christianity, Buddhism, etc., to get to ONE TRUTH that all the world's religions share. Once you realize that, that's when you truly find god because anything less is a belief in the falsehood created by man.

You found the Truth in His words and that is beautiful!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin