Comment: I don't claim to know who God

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I don't claim to know who God

I don't claim to know who God loves or doesn't--but the Bible does tell us how to know other believers: "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." -John 13:35.

All we can say is that someone exhibits the fruit of the spirit and lives a life of godliness, then we believe God has worked in that person's heart. I see none of these indications in the historical figures I listed earlier.

I also listed numerous verses of Scripture that teach that God hates some people--and He is right to do so.
Just a few of them:
Psalm 5:5
Psalm 11:5
Lev. 20:23
Prov. 6:19
Hosea 9:15

He should hate ALL of us because of our wickedness, but he is also merciful and freely chooses to put some of us into Christ and view us as holy. Because He cleanses a sinner in this way He love them--they are now pure in His sight. God does not love that which is unholy and abhorrent to Him.

Did God love all the nations that He had the Israelites totally wipe out, including women and children? What about all those He destroyed in the flood? Or all those he destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah? Or the Egyptians upon whom He poured all those plagues? I can only say I'm thankful God doesn't "love" me in the way that He "loved" all those people! To claim that God would love those He sends to hell, and would be eternally upset over their misery and ruin is totally contrary to the God of the Bible--He who does ALL His pleasure, and no one can stay His hand or say unto Him, what doest thou? (See book of Daniel). This Arminian, Pelegian heresy gives atheists and others the right to mock God. The user "mbennett" is a clear example of this. The false, weak, impotent god of the popular "Christian" tradition of the last 200 years is NOT the God of the Bible.

And yet indeed God is love. In fact He is far more loving than the Arminian would believe. But one cannot understand this until one understands how wicked we all are apart from Him working in us to change our hearts. (See Ez. 36:26, for starters.)