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Their audience. That is what "We the People" are buying.

They run their theatre as part of their business . We buy tickets with their promissory notes to gain entrance to their show... circus... fair... Live fairy tale. Their empire expands.

The eagle does not spar. Nor does it need one.

========= Spar Definition, Webster's 1828 Edition =========

SP'AR [If this word is connected with spare, the primary sense is probably thin. The sense of bar and spar, is however more generally derived from thrusting, shooting in length; so spear likewise. See Bar.]

  1. A stone that breaks into a regular shape; marcasite. This name is popularly given to any crystalized mineral of a shining luster.
  2. A round piece of timber. This name is usually given to the round pieces of timber used for the yards and top-masts of ships.
  3. The bar of a gate.
    SP'AR, v.t. To bar; to shut close or fasten with a bar.
    SP'AR, v.i. [This is another form of the L. spiro. The primary sense is to urge, drive, throw, propel.]
    1. To dispute; to quarrel in words; to wrangle. [This is the sense of the word in America.]
    2. To fight with preclusive strokes.

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